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The Age of Customer Experience

Forrester Research published several reports on "Customer Experience", everything from digital customer experience platforms to hiring the right customer experience team.  The emphasis of these reports is to know where your customers are and knowing how to provide the best experience for them.  Engaging consumers, customers, and prospects through interactive platforms drives business like never before since the pace of technological change is moving at the speed of light. The way that people communicate is almost completely digitally driven. For this reason an innovative approach to customer experience strategy has become so valuable.  You Want to Compete - Have a Customer Experience Strategy 

An innovative approach to customer experience, strategy has become a valuable component of the business plan.  With so many of the customer touch-points being digitally focused, understanding how various social media venues fit together is extremely important.  Most businesses have experimented at some level with social media with moderate success.  However, without definitive measurement metrics in place, many companies did not understand the power of the platform they used.    1. Incorporate your corporate social media strategy into your marketing budget.    2. Know how your customers want you to engage them. 3. Devise a long term and short term strategy.  4. Stay connected - provide services that enhance your original product. 5. Analyze data - invest in real time data and use this customer data to gain insight on how to better serve your customers.